The political struggle to get into Gaza intensifies

The political struggle to get the Egyptian authorities to grant international delegates to the Gaza Freedom March permission to cross into Gaza is sharpening up. Egypt’s decision, at this point, to close the border crossing into Gaza during the time we are scheduled to cross is a significant event in international news (BBC, Hindustan Times, Brunei World... In the US, unless you listen to Democracy Now, you haven’t heard about it. The BBC reports that Egypt warned that anyone attempting the crossing from Egypt would be "dealt with by the law." I’m not familiar with this publication, but a fellow-delegate sent me a link to an interesting analysis of Egypt’s position at a publication called Faster Times titled “Egypt Builds Walls and Bans Protests to Navigate the Gaza Border.” One thing that is becoming more and more clear to me is how ferociously, and yes, desperately, the world’s powers (and those whose strings they pull) are determined to suppress any news of the actual situation in Gaza and the conditions of the people there, and crush any expressions of outrage and opposition to that. The situation is unfolding rapidly, so again – stay tuned, subscribe to this blog, and send links to everyone you know.

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