A brief note on the status of our delegation

Over the past few days, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry informed march organizers that the crossing into Gaza from Egypt will be closed during the time we are scheduled to cross. It is very important that the march organizers, and participants, have responded that we are not changing our plans. This march is so important, and it is also critically important that we are able to witness, and then share with the world the situation the people of Gaza face. This is a story that all the great powers in the world today want suppressed, in particular “our own” government that backs and supports Israel’s crimes. The March organizers are calling on people to contact representatives of the Egyptian government and call on them to allow our delegation to proceed. I encourage all of you to do this (info is in the previous posting), and to follow events closely. And, to email my blog address to all your lists. I’ll be updating this blog as events develop.

* * *

Let's all start thinking and organizing now on how to maximize the impact of this trip. I'm ready to speak to groups large and small when I get back. It will also be important to schedule talks to student groups who have budgets for speakers, as a way for me to pay back substantial money that was lent to me for this trip. Contact me: alanxgoodman@gmail.com.

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