Radio interviews on experiences with "After the holocaust, the worst thing that has happened to Jewish people...

I was interviewed on Fred Nagel's Classwars show on the Vassar College station about experiences taking out "After the holocaust, the worst thing that has happened to Jewish people" (Bob Avakian) -- among other things. I thought it was an interesting conversation -- I brought in experiences taking this out to the Holocaust Museum, KAMP, and Michael Lerner's Network of Spiritual Progressives Conference. Why is Israel something terrible that *happened to* Jewish people? Can something be morally wrong when done to one group of people, and morally right when done to another? What are the actual lessons of the holocaust? Fred had some interesting insights and did a great interview - it didn't even feel like being on the radio. Plus we chatted about meals in Cairo:

I mentioned to some of you that I was on a one-hour call-in show in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago engaging with a mainly African-American audience on similar themes. A lot of deeply felt solidarity for the Palestinian people, and a lot of confusion about who actually runs the world, set up Israel, and the historic role of oppressors using scapegoating to misdirect the anger of those they oppress. That station doesn't keep archives, but I'll try to get an audio to post.

Stay in touch. anyone going to the US Social Forum in Detroit?

Alan Goodman

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