Bay Area Barnstorming -- questions so far

Day 2 of week long Bay Area Barnstorming with Gaza Freedom March Report-Back. Taking me to a church, a college, a high school, an art studio, and living rooms...  Questions asked so far: Why historically can people in that part of the world not get along -- Christians, Jews, Muslims? Why are so many Palestinians still in Gaza? How big a factor is Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East? What is your solution, given you object to the West vs. Islamic fundamentalism choices? How does Iran fit into the picture? How do I convince my Jewish friends that Israel is wrong? What is Israel trying to accomplish by blockading Gaza? What is the story with Egypt? What about voices of dissent in Israel? Why would Israel destroy the American International School in Gaza? If Hamas is using the tunnels to bring in weapons, how can we argue against Egypt's wall to close them...

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