Gaza Freedom March in Downtown Cairo

CAIRO 2 PM 12/31

No, the photo at the right is not of U.S troops marching out from a base in Afghanistan or Iraq, it's the Cairo police moving on the Gaza Freedom March. At this moment, 300 or so Gaza Freedom Marchers are surrounded by police in the middle of downtown Cairo, amidst the embassies, the museums. And in the midst of this, getting the message of breaking the siege of Gaza, and "free Gaza," out to thousands of thousands.

First two pictures below - going into the streets. Third - 2 PM, surrounded by police, reaching out to the world.


  1. Hello, you have tried to your best. I agree with you and really liked it. Great effort... Keeps it up!!!!

  2. They push a BOMB button with no responsibility or unconsciously and then people die where none can see. To dominate not only someones land but also their mind like step into their heart with shoes on. They do have their culture like we do have.....It is called a violence.hey, when do they wake up? realize?

    i dont want to say just take care but Take care! Please spread of words with deep insight, thought and what you saw by your eyes!